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#WhatBringsPeace is a philanthropic art project that deals with the universal question of peace. The project explores the quest for peace on individual and collective terms in response to increasing violence, environmental threats, and political extremism experienced globally today, making its mission timelier than ever. Beginning its journey in Europe in early 2017, #WhatBringsPeace will travel worldwide. The participation of interviewees, followers, and supporters, the project will create an inclusive growing ‘community.’

#WhatBringsPeace will reach diverse demographics, cultures, and psychographic backgrounds, and unite us all through the panhuman quest of peace.
While traveling from continent to continent, artist Annina Roescheisen will conduct in-depth documentations on the uniqueness and specifics of different cultures and ethnicities as part of the #WhatBringsPeace vision. From these encounters, the artist will explore the individual and collective meanings of ‘peace.’

At the very core of the artist’s mission, the project invites participants to express, reflect, engage, and unite to seek and advocate change.

This art project has been conceived by the German multimedia artist Annina Roescheisen.

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You can contact us through the contact form or writing directly to communication@whatbringspeace.com.