#WhatBringsPeace at the Global Forum Berlin by the BMW Foundation

December, 2nd 2017 in News, Video


Berlin November 2017:
This short extrait was presented and produced for the Berlin Global Forum conference held by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in Berlin. More than 250 participants from all over the world, from all different professional fields participated. From politicians, to Ngo’s, to social entrepreneurs, the tech industry, humanitarian, social and governmental institutions as well as some participants from the artistic and cultural sector.

This short extrait film was designated to give a first idea about the different angles of the philanthropic art project entitled: “#WhatBringsPeace”.
It was used to underline and show an example of how art and culture can play an impact on the global theme topic of “Restoring Trust”, in regards as well of Transitional Justice processes, but as well on a more global scale.

The people interviewed here are all part of the global peace project: #WhatBringsPeace.
Their individual interviews will be published one by one in the future months, in which the question of growing up, childhood, internal and external wars, the current world state, and the ideas on individual and global peace will be shared in depth.

I want to thank every single person in this video for their time that they shared with me, for their transparency, for their support, and for being an inspirational voice in this world of today!

Special thanks as well to the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Leica.

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#WhatBringsPeace: voices in this video:
Anna Fafaliou, Audrey Gbaguidi, Bruno Wizard, Christan Summers, Emmett Skyy, Ellen Thomas, Haris Vlavianos, Ivan Martinez, Jean-Claude Carrière, Jean Sébastien Stehli, Luke Waller, Marco & Melanie Innocenti, Mel Duncan, Ron Garan, Rosa, Séraphie Awaken Earth